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Officials correct China plane crash death toll to 42
 Chinese President, Premier offer condolences for Hong Kong victims of hostage crisis
China to spend billions to beef up disaster prevention in northwest mudslide town
Chinese legislature proposes increasing income, narrowing gap in wealth
China, Japan to discuss economy this weekend
Flood peak safely passes China's Three Gorges Dam, shipping service still halted
Hearing continues in Houston seeking cause of BP oil spill
Russia, U.S. discuss Mideast peace process
Dinosaur Avenue of Erenhot completed
 Dinosaur Avenue of Erenhot completed
Wonderful Inner Mongolia attracts tourists
 Wonderful Inner Mongolia attracts tourists

Farewell ceremony for Hong Kong victims held at airport in Manila Henan Airlines cancels all flights on Aug. 25

White House hails Iraq withdrawal process U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady on vacation

Uruguay celebrates National Pavilion Day at World Expo
  Development and Reform Commission
  Administration of Industry and Commerce
  Financial Office
  'Horseback classrooms' become history in Inner Mongolia
  Inner Mongolia celebrates progress
  No.1 of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  Industries encouraged to draw investment
  Foreign Trade
  Nestle makes milk moves
  Survey of Economy
  Culture and Art

  Camel racing   Horse race
  Wrestling   Nadamu pageant
  Shooting   Aobao (heaps of stones) sacrificing
  Proud son of the Heaven for his time   Wang Zhaojun
  Twist and shout   Culture expo
  Bicycle event to follow Genghis Kahn footsteps   Gigantic Bird-like Dinosaur Found in Inner Mongolia

  Enterprisers, Officials Discuss Desertification in N. China
  Injured rare bird rescued and set free

  Story of beautiful Jiguan Mountain
  Story of the Xiangsha Sinus
  Recommended cities
  Leading companies

  Xilingol League
  Manzhouli City
  Tongliao City
  Chifeng City
  Erlianhot City

  Inner Mongolia Erdos Cashmere Group Co. Ltd.
  Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.

  Instant-boiled mutton
  All-Fish Banquet
  Buckwheat noodle
  Fried millet
  Milk curd
  Oat flour food

  Silverware of the Mongolian nationality
  Snuff bottle
  Balin stone
  Mongolian Sword
  Mongolian bowl
Thursday Aug. 26, 2010 Huhhot Clear
28C /15C
Gada Meilin
Wuyun Shandan
Carved Saddle
Beautiful Grassland, My home
Father's Grassland, Mothe's River
Love for the Grassland
Mao'ao Jikan River
Chi Le Song
100USD 827.65 0
100JPY 8.0578 -0.0321
100HKD 106.46 0
100EUR 1112.43 1.05
100GBP 1564.01 -4.72

Updated 2008/9/28

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