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Gada Meilin
Wuyun Shandan
Carved Saddle
Beautiful Grassland, My home
Father's Grassland, Mothe's River
Genghis Khan (1162-1227), born Temujin, came from a Mongolian noble family. With great strategy and foresight, he laid the foundations for the establishment of the Yuan Dynasty and the unification of the whole country.

Twist and shout

Culture expo

Bicycle event to follow Genghis Kahn footsteps

Gigantic Bird-like Dinosaur Found in Inner Mongolia

A winning combo: rock, beer and grassland

Conquering sounds of old

Inner Mongolia University's Art College visited the USA

Cup Dance

Chopsticks Dance

Chinese scientists catch the early bird

The early bird

Dinosaur Avenue of Erenhot completed

Remains of giant dinosaur found in China

China uncovers bird-like dinosaur

Drawings of animal-drawn carts

The rock paintings of Yinshan Mountains

Picture of Hunting

Picture of the archer

Rock paintings of Yinshan Mountains shocked the world

The only Mongolian stone inscription astronomic chart

The Hongshan Culture

Unearthed tombs reveal life of mysterious military master

Archaeologists Excavate Past Glories from North China Tombs

Xinglongwa Culture
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