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Chu Bo, secretary of the Party committee of the Inner Mongolia
Yang Jing, deputy secretary of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee and chairman of the autonomous region.
Leaders of the Party committeeof Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Secretary: Chu Bo
Deputy secretaries: Yang Jing,
Yue Fuhong, Chen Guanglin, Yang Limin and Bateer
committee: Chu Bo, Yang Jing,
Yue Fuong,

Chen Guanglin,Yang Limin, Bateer,
Ren Yaping, Zhang Guomin, Hu Zhong,
Huang Gaocheng, Xing Yun, Fu Laiwang and Chen Pengshan

Leaders of the People,s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice- Chairpersons: You Ren,
Wan Jisheng, Zhou Dehai, Wang Fengqi, Chen Ruiqing, Baoyindeligeer, Yun Xiumei, Hu Zhong, Hasibagen
Leaders of the People,s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice-Chairpersons: Yue Fuhong,
Hao Yidong, Zhao Shuanglian, Lei.Eerdeni, Lian Ji, Guo Ziming, Yu Dehui, Wu Lan
Current leaders of Chinese People,s Political Consultative Cconference of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Wang Zhan
Vice-Chairpersons: Fu Shouzheng,
Bao Junchen, Wu Lan, Xu Bonian, Luo Xi,n, Qi Yingcheng, Gai Shanlin, Liu Zhilan, Han Zhenxiang, Wu Baoheng


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First aid:120
Traffic accident:122
Consumer complaints:12315
Legal services:12384
Weather forecast:121
Postcode inquiries:184
Telephone number inquiries:114
Time inquiries:117

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