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Updated 2008/9/28

No.1 of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  2008-09-25 11:35



The stock raising productivity of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ranks the first of the five biggest pastoral areas in China. The production volume of wool, cashmere, camel's hair ranks first in the country with a share of 1/4, 1/3 and1/2 respectively.

The Baiyunebo Mine in Baotou, Inner Mongolia is the largest rare earth mine in the world. By 1997, the detected rare earth accounted for 76% of the world's total. The Baotou First Rare Earth Plant, as the biggest producer of rare earth ferroalloy in the world, ranks first in terms of both quality and quantity in China with 300 specifications of 170 categories. The Baotou Steel Ore Dressing Plant is regarded as the largest rare earth sampling in the world.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is regarded as the biggest open-air mine in the world. Four of the five biggest open-cut coal mines of China are in Inner Mongolia, i.e. Yimin open-air mine, Huolinhe open-air mine, Yuanbaoshan open-air mine and Jungar open-air mine.

The Hulunbuir Grass is the largest area of natural grass in the world and the biggest production base of unpolluted animal food.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the world's largest cashmere-processing base. There are many cashmere giants such as Inner Mongolia Region Ordos Group, King Deer Group, Viction Group, Pangu Cashmere Group and Chifeng Cashmere Group. These companies mainly produce non-wool cashmere clothing and cashmere clothing. The "white goat" cashmere of Inner Mongolia is been regarded as the best cashmere in the world for its fineness, brightness and whiteness. KVSS non-wool cashmere made of the Alpas "white goat" cashmere of Ordos is internationally acceptedas the "No.1 Non-wool Cashmere in China" and regarded as "Soft Gold".

InnerMongolia is the province that has the most inland ports with 18 border ports in China. The Manzhouli Railway Port and the Highway Port, which run across Russia to Eastern Europe and Western Europe, are named as the bridgehead of the No.1 the Euro-Asia Land Bridge.

Presently, the growth extent of power installation volume, per capita power generation and power delivered to other provinces of Inner Mongolia currently ranks first in thecountry.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has wind power storage of 270million kw per hour and ranks first in wind power storage with one fifth of the total.The average wind speed in the region is3.7 m per hour and in most places the annual wind power efficiency density is up to 150-200 w/sq.m.

Inner Mongolia ranks first in Asia and fourth in the world in terms of fluorite resources.

Inner Mongolia is the largest production base ofpotatoes with a plant area of 6.2 million mu, 18% of the totalamount of China.

Inner Mongolia also has abundant tourist resources. The A'er Mountain Fountain Group in Hinggan League consists of 48 springs, including warm springs, hot springs and cold springs whicharemade of mineral water from the lava split belt 2800m to 3500munderground. The silicic acid mineral water with niton, lithiumand stronitium are the most famous in China. 

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