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Updated 2008/9/28

Industries encouraged to draw investment
Inner Mongolia News 2009-06-10

1. Deep processing of farming and animal husbandry; comprehensive development of farming and animal husbandry;

2. Infrastructure construction in water conservancy, electricity, transportation, ports, and urbanization and public welfare undertakings;

3. Exploitation of rare earth products and development of bio-engineering projects, research and development of hi-tech industries planned by the regional scientific and technological department;

4. Development of tourism resources;

5. Environmental protection projects including improvement of barren mountains, barrenslopes, barren gullies and other wasteland, and projects of turning cultivated land into forests and grasslands; other ecological and environmental protecting projects;

6. Exploitation, extraction, and processing of mineral resources;

7. Refined chemical industry,petrochemical industry, and processing of coal;

8. Development of newbuilding materials andrecycling of waste and used resources;

9. Asset recombination of enterprises in Inner Mongolia in the forms of merger, purchase, and shareholding.

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