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Updated 2008/9/28

Documents needed for the application, examination and approval of foreign investment enterprises
  2008-09-26 10:49

 I. Documents needed for the examination and approval of project proposals; (inquintuplicate)

 1. Project proposals;

 2. Application materials for the approval of foreign investmententerprises;

 3. Letter of intent on the proposedproject for joint capital or cooperation;

 4. Suggestions by the related authorities on the capital, material, water and power supply.


II. Documents needed for the examinationand approval of feasibility reports (in quintuplicate)

1. Application by the governmentorganin charge of theChinese partyfor having the feasibility reportexamined and approved by thehigher-upauthorities;

2. Feasibility report on the project;

3. Related investigation materials on the feasibility reports;

4. Assessments and evaluations of the feasibilityreports.


III. Documentsneeded for the examinationand approvalof the contract of aproposed projectand its regulations ofenterprises. (in triplicate)

1.Application form forapproval;

2. Project proposal andfeasibility study report the respective documents of approval;

3. Contracts andarticles ofassociations;

4. Documents of registration for the name of theenterprisetobe started.;

5. Documentscertifyingthe legal status of the legal representativesand the credit standing documents of each andeveryparty to the proposed project.;

6. Listandresumes of the chairman andmembers ofboard of directors;

7. If Chinese party conducts theinvestment in the form of state-owned properties, a property evaluationreportshouldbe submitted issued by the State-owned Property Evaluation Bureau.

8. Approvals onexport quota and exportlicense issued by Foreign EconomicandTrade Ministry;

9.If the goods for export use foreign trade marks,the registration certificates oftrade mark in foreign language and the approval touse the trade mark by the ownerof the trade mark should besubmitted;

10.For thetransmission of technologies, certificates of patent or the certifying materials toprove the rightto transmit this technology should be submitted.


IV. Documents needed forthe application of the registration ofthe foreigninvestment enterprises (in quadruplicate)

1. Application form for the registration of foreign investment enterprises; (in quintuplicate)

2. Contract, articles of association, and theapprovals oftherelated authorities;

3. The legal business licenses issued bythecountries (regions)of each party ofcooperation.

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