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The historical development of Mongolian music experienced the following three phases. Genghis Khan united Mongolia in the early thirteenth century. This is one of the main artistic forms and is extremely popular in Mongolian pasturing areas.
Colourful Hinggan
  2008-09-27 16:56


Hinggan League is located in the northeastern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and was named afterGreat Hinggan whose central area belongs to the League. More than 1.6 million of the Mongolian, Han, Man, Hui and other nationalities live there. Let's experience colourful Hinggan, a green, clean land with silver springs and a "red cradle".

  Intoxicating Hinggan grassland

A great grassland with waving grassthat extends beyond the horizon is just what we've been looking forward to. This is a spiritual land for the Mongolian peopleand their dreams. Generations of Mongolians have lived there. Although the Mongolians have settled down and changed their way oflife after hundreds of years of a nomadic existence, they remain hospitable to guests.

Milk tea and dairy products are an indispensible part of life here. If you're lucky enough, you might see a Nadam fair. Although small Nadamfairs are common, large ones are held just once in July or August every year. Mongolians are a people on horseback. Ease andconfidence on horseback are hard won. Not everyone is able to remain composed and confident on horseback, that requires a great deal of courage. The racehorses and agile Mongolian riders appear to be in perfect harmony. Horses are the darlings of the Mongolian people, whose love for them will never die.

Horse racing, wrestling, and archery are happinessitself for the Mongolians. Loud and clear songs reflect their uncomplicated personality. Sitting on the grass, everyone is full of emotion and cannot help singing aloud. Only then can we really understand why each Mongolian is able to sing songs somovingly and melodiously. Mongolians who have stories to tell sing all their life to convey legends, show their love and express theirculture.

The grassland gains vitality from water. Water in turn gives rise to life. Mongolians lovenature and life. Their demands from nature are limited and reasonable, which is the reason the Hinggan League retainsitssimplicity and antiquity. Mongolian tents make you feel at home. They have become symbolic of nomadic Mongolian life. Roast lamb is abig treat Mongolians give to their guests. Exquisitely prepared and roasted whole lambs are attractive in their colour,smell andtaste.

Mongolian robes are colourful and reflect their love for the grassland and their expansive personality. They love white clouds, blue skies and green grasslands. Thus, white, blue and green are the three coloursthey lovemost. However, few Mongolians wear Mongolian robes on a daily basis, only wearing them on major festive holidays.

  Arxan magic spring

As early as 650 million years ago, four volcanic movements resulted in today's Arxan. Specially structured formations gave birth to many springs. Many moving legends adddenseand magic cultural elementsto the mineral springs there. The temperatures of the springs vary, each of them having itsown characteristics. Arxan is likeglittering and translucent jade in the Great Hinggan Mountains. Only when we're in Arxan canwe believethat diseases can be washed away. Hot springs are said to be able to treat many ailments. No one knows exactlyhow many peoplethese hot springs havecured. We hope the magic springs of Arxan will be able to wash away more pain.

People living in Arxan know how to enjoy life. Great mountains make their personality more expansive, which gives Mongoliansmore peace of mind. In spring, flowers carpet the fields. In winter, the hot springs of Arxan have a unique beauty. Arxan turns into a fairyland where we can see beautiful and dreamy scenery. Let's listen to the sounds of nature amidthe fresh air and tall trees.

The springs of Arxan appear more appealing against the background ofgreentrees.The springwater has curative functions. People there believe the springs are alive. Arxan is also the home to many state-level rare species of animals and plants.

Arxan is rich in mineral resources. Hot springs are found everywhereinArxan,including 76 major hot springs and countless smaller ones. Floating on gentle rivers takes you back toyour childhood.

In the depth of winter, Arxan has a scenery that is typical of northernChina. Winter in Arxan is primitive and simple, making the mountain a rare paradise. Skiing events are held here every year. You understand what happiness means while you ski there. When you feel tired after all that activity, swimming pools are a good choicefor relaxation. Mother Nature created Arxan with its magic hot springs, a bewildering and significant place that is clean and expansive with forestsandhotsprings.

  Ulanhot is where China's first autonomous region was born

Ulanhot means Red City in Mongolian and is a cradle of China's national liberation.The city was renamedUlanhot after thegovernment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was established there on May 1,1947.

AtChina's onlyGenghis KhanTemple on the top of Hanshan Mountain, celebrations are held annually to honour him. Ulanhot is full of emotion inSeptember as one name is on everyone's lips: Genghis Khan. We feel great admiration for him when looking at his statue.

Ulanhot City is a prosperous and beautiful city in the south of the Great HinganMountains. It borders with Khorcin Right Wing Front Banner in the east, west and north, with Baicheng of JilinProvincein the south. Itstotal areais 865.15 km2 and its urban area is 18 km2. It is where the Hinggan League Committee of the Partyand Executive Office are located. It is the political, economic, cultural and transport centre of the Hinggan League.Ulanhot has developed into amodern citywith industries including metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, cigarettes, dairy products, medicine and grain and oil processing. Take a walk around this garden-like city, and you can experience its unique charms. You can find the farmer-style dishes you like.Here in Hinggan, we are deeply moved by its beauty. People on the grasslands, in villages or in cities are all very hospitable. Hinggan is a clean tourist attraction, a paradise and an ideal place for investment. People here are making progressall the time.

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