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The historical development of Mongolian music experienced the following three phases. Genghis Khan united Mongolia in the early thirteenth century. This is one of the main artistic forms and is extremely popular in Mongolian pasturing areas.
Carved Saddle
  2008-09-28 15:32


When I was still very very young,

There was a fantastic cradle.

That was a carved cradle.


The cradle accompanied me to spend the golden childhood.

When daddy put me on the horseback,

When Mama called me with deep feeling,

Horseback gave me the mind as broad as grassland,

Horseback gave me bondless bravery.

Carved cradle,

My cradle for growing up

When I was a grown up,

I still remember that fantastic cradle.

It was passed down from generation to generation on the grassland.

It fostered numerous prides for the nation.

Horseback gives me pleasant heart;

Horseback gives me clear soul.

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