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The historical development of Mongolian music experienced the following three phases. Genghis Khan united Mongolia in the early thirteenth century. This is one of the main artistic forms and is extremely popular in Mongolian pasturing areas.
Love for the Grassland
  2008-09-28 15:32


The grassland is my beloved hometown,

The horseback is the cradle of my life.

You nourished me with sacred milk,

You lulled me into sleep by your deep and affectionate songs.

The campfire like morning red light

Gives me endless warmness.

The wool like white cloud,

Protect me from much wind and coldness.

Wherever I go,

I can hear singing of House-head fiddle;

No matter how far away I go,

I can feel the smell of milk tea.

I got teachings from you bright saying,

I got experiences of life from the fierce storms.

The days which passed by like moving sand,

Give me the diligence of herdsmen.

The journey overgrown with brambles,

Give me the courage of horsemen.

Wherever I go,

I can see you are looking into the distance with expectation.

No matter how long I am away,

I will remember your wish and blessing.

Ah... Hai... Nah...  Hai...Ah.

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