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The historical development of Mongolian music experienced the following three phases. Genghis Khan united Mongolia in the early thirteenth century. This is one of the main artistic forms and is extremely popular in Mongolian pasturing areas.
Bayannao'er City
  2008-09-28 15:50


"Located to the north of the Yellow River and to the south of Yinshan Mountain, the eight-hundred-li river bed of Bayannao'er is a production base for rice and grain."

Bayannao'er means "rich lake" in Mongolian. In ancient times, there was a boundless sea here. After complicated geological structural movements and many changes in the sea level, the plateau in the northern areas, hills and mountains in the central areas and plains in the southern areas was eventually formed.

Bayannao'er has a long history. Early in primitive society, human activities took place within the territory of Bayannao'er. After Emperor Yingzheng of the Qin Dynasty, the first emperor in China, united China, he divided the country into 36 counties, calling Bayannao'er Jiuyuan County. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty later changed Jiuyuan County to Wuyuan County, carried out a large-scale migrationand constructed water facilities in the area. Since the start of the Northern Expedition war, a host of renowned military officers made tremendous contributions to the defense of Bayannao'er.

Bayannao'eris now an administrative region in the west of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It neighbors Baotou City in the east, Alxa League in the west and the Republic of Mongolia in the north. And Bayannao'er is separated from Ordos City by a river. Bayannao'er City is 378 kilometers long from east to west and 283 kilometers long from south to north with the total area of 64,413 km2. The city governs seven banners (counties or cities) Linhe City, Urad Front Banner, Middle Banner and Rear Banner, Wuyuan County, Hangjin Rear Banner and Dengkou County. The government of Bayannao'er City is situated in Linhe District. Bayannao'er City has a population of 1.727 million and more than 20 nationalities including Mongol, Han, Hui, Manchu and Daur live in the city. The city comprises of Urad Plateau, Yinshan mountainous region and Hetao Plain. Yinshan mountainous region is located in the central and southeastern areas of the city with the total area of over 19,000 km2. The city boasts abundant mineral resources. Urad Plateau, natural grassland with a total area of about 30,000 km2, is located to the south of Yinshan Mountain. From the south of Yinshan Mountain to the northern bank of the Yellow River is Hetao Plain, where the total area is over 15,000km2, of which10,000 km2 plains are irrigated by the Yellow River, Inner Mongolia's production base for grain, oil, sugar and meat.

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