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The historical development of Mongolian music experienced the following three phases. Genghis Khan united Mongolia in the early thirteenth century. This is one of the main artistic forms and is extremely popular in Mongolian pasturing areas.
Chi Boraq----Horse Head Fiddle player
  2008-09-28 16:02


Born in 1944, Chi Boraq is a famous Horse Head Fiddle player and a state grade-1 musical instrument player. With an enthusiastic, vigorous and firm style , he is the leading figure of a new generation of Horse Head Fiddle players.

Written by Chi Boraq, Skills for Playing Horse Head Fiddle is an important text book for learning how to play Horse Head Fiddle. He also contributes a lot to the reformation of Horse Head Fiddle. On the basis of the previous achievement, Chi Boraq developed the Horse Head Fiddle with wooden-faced resonator which can amplify the sound of Horse Head Fiddle.

His representative works are The Grassland and Wild Horses, Erdos Plateau, Ten Thousands of Galloping Horses, Grassland is hand in hand with Beijing and Horse Head Fiddle Concerto.

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