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Inner Mongolia --- a rich and beautiful area in China
  2008-10-06 14:49


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, has a territory of 1.183 million square kilometers, where there are 49 ethnic groups, including the Mongols, Han, Manchu, Daur, Olunchun, Ewenke, etc, with a population totaling 23 million. Its main industries are iron and steel, coal, chemicals, electric power, machinery, wool textile, forestry, etc. It is also one of the important bases of cereals, oil suqar and animal husbandry in China. There are 0.88 million square kilometers of glassland in Inner Mongolia, ranking first among the Four Great Grasslands of the country; and the productivity of sheep wool, goat cashmere, camel fine hair also ranks first in China. There are 70 different mineral deposits in the region whose recoverable reserves are proven, of which six rank first in China, and the rare earth resource alone occupies 80% of the total world reserves. There are still many animal and plant resources, for which Inner Mongolia is eulogized as "world of animals","world of plants", "genetic database of living things".

Inner Mongolia has beautiful lakes and pastures, thick ancient forests, the Gobi desert as well as a centuries long history and culture, with the minority customs and special ways of life, all these have made Inner Mongolia an ideal resort which is attracting more and moredomestic and foreign tourists.

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