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Coal-to-oil Plant to Start Production Next Year
China's first direct coal-to-oil plant will start operation next year, with the industry's production capacity rising to 50 million tons in 12 years, the country's largest coal company has said.

Rich incentives for foreign investors

Regulations on Encouragement of Foreign Investment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (II)

Provisions of the State Council on the implementation of Law of the People's Republic of China on Regional Ethnic Autonomy

Preferential Policies on Encouragement of Foreign Investment of the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Regulations on Encouragement of Foreign Investment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (I)
S e a r c h

Hohhot Huaou Starch Co., Ltd.
This is a joint venture established by China, Sweden and Denmark. It is a modern company specializing in producing potato starch.

Inner Mongolia Zhongfu Paida Textile Co., Ltd.
It mainly produces wool and cashmere yarns, worsted wool and garments and exports them to the United States, Europe and Japan.

Inner Mongolia Hualian Standard Crystal Co., Ltd.
It mainly produces man-made pure Z-stick quartz crystals for Motorola and Chinese communications' firms.
Inner Mongolia Caoyuan Xingfa Co., Ltd
  2008-10-07 16:07

Listed date: June 6, 2004

Business scope: planting of agricultural crops, forestry, livestock, fowl, food processing, catering, beverages, timber processing, animal drugs, feed processing, alcoholic drinks, new biotechnological products, radiation sterilization, disinfection and radiation chemical products.

Inner Mongolia Caoyuan Xingfa Co., Ltd. is the largest grassland meat processor in China and the largest agricultural and livestock industrial company in InnerMongolia. It is also one of the 1,000 large-scale township enterprises and 151 industrialized agricultural companies in China.It operates over 50 factories that process mutton, yak meat, camel meat, and "green bird chicken" in Xilingol, Hunlunbuir, Horqin(Inner Mongolia), Qinghai, Xinjiang and Gansu. Itiscapable of slaughtering and processing five million lambs and 30 million "green bird chickens" annually. It has developed Caoyuan Xingfa lamb, Caoyuan "green bird chicken", Caoyuan Xingfa beef, Caoyuan Xingfa game, Siye coarse cereals, lamb placenta healthcare foods, Siye condiments, Caoyuan Xingfa natural milk and nutritiousmealsand Xinyu lamb placenta cosmetics and other products. In 2002, it received HACCP certification. It had previously received ISO9002 certification and introduced the ISO140000system. The State Trademark Administration assessed "Caoyuan Xingfa" as a famousChinese brand in 2002. It has exported itsproducts to Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and Europe since 1997 when it was authorized to deal in imports and exports.

Phone: 86-0676-3514285


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