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Chu Bo, secretary of the Party committee of the Inner Mongolia
Yang Jing, deputy secretary of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee and chairman of the autonomous region.
Leaders of the Party committeeof Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Secretary: Chu Bo
Deputy secretaries: Yang Jing,
Yue Fuhong, Chen Guanglin, Yang Limin and Bateer
committee: Chu Bo, Yang Jing,
Yue Fuong,

Chen Guanglin,Yang Limin, Bateer,
Ren Yaping, Zhang Guomin, Hu Zhong,
Huang Gaocheng, Xing Yun, Fu Laiwang and Chen Pengshan

Leaders of the People,s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice- Chairpersons: You Ren,
Wan Jisheng, Zhou Dehai, Wang Fengqi, Chen Ruiqing, Baoyindeligeer, Yun Xiumei, Hu Zhong, Hasibagen
Leaders of the People,s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice-Chairpersons: Yue Fuhong,
Hao Yidong, Zhao Shuanglian, Lei.Eerdeni, Lian Ji, Guo Ziming, Yu Dehui, Wu Lan
Current leaders of Chinese People,s Political Consultative Cconference of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Wang Zhan
Vice-Chairpersons: Fu Shouzheng,
Bao Junchen, Wu Lan, Xu Bonian, Luo Xi,n, Qi Yingcheng, Gai Shanlin, Liu Zhilan, Han Zhenxiang, Wu Baoheng
Development and Reform Commission
  2008-10-14 10:07

Study and work out medium and long-term planning for the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia, bring forward objectives, policies and measures for overall balance, development speed and structural adjustment; undertake macro-economic forecasting and early warning; monitor the implementation of price policies and responsible for the price management and supervision and inspection of the autonomous region.

(1) Implement national guidelines and policies in the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia, study and put forward the medium and long-term planning and annual planning of national economic and social development; study and put forward the objectives and policies of the overall balance, development speed and structural adjustment, draw up industrial policies, co-ordinate and balance the industrial planning of various industries.

(2) Balance the key economic aggregates such as general demand and general supply and co-ordinate the key proportion relations; effectively plan resource exploitation, productivity layout and ecological environment construction planning; guide and promote the optimization of the economic structure and regional economic co-ordination; organize and work out the saving ofresources in regional economic development planning,comprehensive utilization planning and the economic development plans of poverty-stricken areas; organize and work out the prophase planning of the infrastructure construction projects of the autonomous region.

(3) Be responsible for collecting and analyzing nationaleconomic and social development, carry out macro-economic forecasting, early warning, monitoring and research, study and submit policy proposals by key economic means.

(4) Study and submit thegeneral scale and capital sources of social fixed assets investment of the region and capital orientation and investment methods; organize and work out the social capital balance plan; co-ordinate the related departments to carry out the annual plans ofthe basic construction projects; take part in the monitoring and inspection of the project construction.

(5) Arrange the fiscal construction capital of the region, direct and monitor the utilization direction of policy loans; arrange the projects using state-allocated capitaland the major projects of the region and the projects with foreign investment, overseas-invested projects and plan the layout of the major projects, examine and develop large and medium-sized infrastructure projects; organize and administer the special inspectors of major projects.

(6) Carry forward and implement national price guidelines and policies, study and draw up implementation measures and methods, monitor the implementation of price policies; stipulate and adjust the prices of important goods under administration of the region and important charges, monitor the price changes of the market.

(7) Study and put forward the development strategies of foreign trade and economic and technological co-operation and the use of foreign investment; study and analyze the domestic and foreign supply and demand status and balance well the overall supply and demand and import and export of important goods and the import and exportplans for major agricultural products.

(8) Balance social issues such as science, technology, education, culture and public health with the overall national economic and social development, promote the industrialization of important scientific and technological achievements; put forward policies and measures for co-ordinated social and economic development and stimulate one another for common development and co-ordinate important issues in the development of social causes.

(9) Study and stipulate methods and measures for the implementation of the national opening up and reform guidelines and polices and organize the implementation of these methods and measures; undertake the colligation and co-ordination work of the economic and technological co-operation of the region; organize the layout and planning of various development zones and set up examination works; be responsible for the administrative management of the introduction of foreign investment and technology and domestic co-operation of the region; daily work of the opening leadership teamoffice.

(10) Study and stipulate system reform plans such as financing, planning and prices and organize the implementation of these plans; take part inthe drafting of related laws and regulations and co-ordinate the implementation of these laws and regulations.

(11) Undertake other works entrusted by the people's government of the region andthe State Development and Reform Commission. 

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