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Chu Bo, secretary of the Party committee of the Inner Mongolia
Yang Jing, deputy secretary of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee and chairman of the autonomous region.
Leaders of the Party committeeof Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Secretary: Chu Bo
Deputy secretaries: Yang Jing,
Yue Fuhong, Chen Guanglin, Yang Limin and Bateer
committee: Chu Bo, Yang Jing,
Yue Fuong,

Chen Guanglin,Yang Limin, Bateer,
Ren Yaping, Zhang Guomin, Hu Zhong,
Huang Gaocheng, Xing Yun, Fu Laiwang and Chen Pengshan

Leaders of the People,s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice- Chairpersons: You Ren,
Wan Jisheng, Zhou Dehai, Wang Fengqi, Chen Ruiqing, Baoyindeligeer, Yun Xiumei, Hu Zhong, Hasibagen
Leaders of the People,s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice-Chairpersons: Yue Fuhong,
Hao Yidong, Zhao Shuanglian, Lei.Eerdeni, Lian Ji, Guo Ziming, Yu Dehui, Wu Lan
Current leaders of Chinese People,s Political Consultative Cconference of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Wang Zhan
Vice-Chairpersons: Fu Shouzheng,
Bao Junchen, Wu Lan, Xu Bonian, Luo Xi,n, Qi Yingcheng, Gai Shanlin, Liu Zhilan, Han Zhenxiang, Wu Baoheng
Administration of Industry and Commerce
  2008-10-14 10:07

The Bureau of Industry and Commerce is directly under the People's Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to take charge of market monitoring and management and administrative works. The Administrationof Industry and Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region implements vertical management to the administrations of industry and commerce at various levels.

(1) Carry out and implement the related guidelines, policies and laws and regulations relating to the administration of industry and commerce, study and draw uplocal regulations and rules and organize supervision and implementation.

(2) Organize and manage the registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and units and individuals who engagedin these operations, check and ratify the name of registered units, examine, approve and award the related license and implement supervision and administration.

(3) Organize, monitor and inspect market competition, investigate and deal with monopolies and illegal competition, crack down on smuggling activities in the transaction field and economic crimes and activities contrary to the related laws and regulations.

(4) Protect the legal rights and interests of consumers, organize and deal with cases infringing the rights and interests of consumers, organize and deal with the activities of mixing impurities or imitations into products, or substituting a fake product for a genuine one in the market and trade mark administration practice.

(5) Organize and implement standard management and monitoring of the operation orders of various markets.

(6) Organize and manage the agents and agencies.

(7) Organize and manage the economic contracts, investigate anddeal with contract fraud, the movable property mortgage register and monitor auction activities.

(8) Organize and implement the supervision and management of the registered trademark and trademark printing units, applying for famous trademarks, popularize the famous trademarks of the autonomous region and investigate and deal with fake and pirated trademarks.

(9) Organize and managethe releasing of advertisements and advertisement operation, confirm the qualification of the advertisement operation unit. 

(10) Organize and manage the operating activities of privately owned businesses, individual partnerships and private enterprises.

(11) Responsible for the administrative work of the industrial and commercial administration.

(12) Undertake other works entrusted by the People's Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

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