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Chu Bo, secretary of the Party committee of the Inner Mongolia
Yang Jing, deputy secretary of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee and chairman of the autonomous region.
Leaders of the Party committeeof Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Secretary: Chu Bo
Deputy secretaries: Yang Jing,
Yue Fuhong, Chen Guanglin, Yang Limin and Bateer
committee: Chu Bo, Yang Jing,
Yue Fuong,

Chen Guanglin,Yang Limin, Bateer,
Ren Yaping, Zhang Guomin, Hu Zhong,
Huang Gaocheng, Xing Yun, Fu Laiwang and Chen Pengshan

Leaders of the People,s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice- Chairpersons: You Ren,
Wan Jisheng, Zhou Dehai, Wang Fengqi, Chen Ruiqing, Baoyindeligeer, Yun Xiumei, Hu Zhong, Hasibagen
Leaders of the People,s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Chu Bo
Vice-Chairpersons: Yue Fuhong,
Hao Yidong, Zhao Shuanglian, Lei.Eerdeni, Lian Ji, Guo Ziming, Yu Dehui, Wu Lan
Current leaders of Chinese People,s Political Consultative Cconference of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:
Chairman: Wang Zhan
Vice-Chairpersons: Fu Shouzheng,
Bao Junchen, Wu Lan, Xu Bonian, Luo Xi,n, Qi Yingcheng, Gai Shanlin, Liu Zhilan, Han Zhenxiang, Wu Baoheng
Financial Office
  2008-10-14 10:07

The Financial Office of the autonomous region is the comprehensive economic departmentof the people's government in charge of financial income and expenses, taxation policies and the elemental works of state assets.

The key responsibilities of the Financial Office include:

(1) Carrying forward and implementing the state's financial and taxation guidelines and policies, drawing up the medium and long-term planning of financial and taxation works, reform plans and other related policies; put forward proposals on how to implement macro controls and balance social resources comprehensively by using financial and taxation policies.

(2) Draw up the regulations, rulesand methods of fiscal, state capital elementary management, financial management and accounting management and organize the implementation of the regulations, rules and methods; organize foreign-related financial and debt negotiations and initial relatedagreements on behalf of the autonomous region.

(3) Prepare the annual budget and final accounts drafts of the autonomous region and organize the implementation of the budget and final accounts; entrusted by the people's government of the autonomous region, report the financial budget and its implementation to the People's Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and report the final financial accounts to the Standing Committee of thePeople's Congress of Inner Mongolia; manage various financial revenues and off-budget capital and the special financial accounts of the autonomous region; manage government funds, administrative charges and Penalty and Confiscation Income and make a comprehensive balance to the financial capital.

(4) Draw up the methods and measures on how to implement the state's related taxation guidelines, policies and laws and regulations; confirm the fiscal taxation revenue plans and put forward proposals for taxation items and taxation ratio adjustments and exemption.

(5) Manage the financial public expenditure of the autonomous region; drawup and carry out the purchasing policies of the autonomous region government; manage the non-trading foreign exchange of theadministrative organs, institutions and social organizations under the budget; stipulate the expenditure standards and policies for the items that need unified standards in the whole autonomous region; draw up detailed implementation rules for the Financial Rules of Institutions and the Financial Rules of the Administrative Units and implement the rules; draw up the basic construction financial system and monitor its implementation.

(6) Draw upand implement the regulations, management methods and reform plans of state capital elementary management guidelines and policies of the state; organize and make an inventory of state-owned enterprises' assets and liabilities and define the ownership and registration of the capital; be responsible for the statistics, analysis and assessment of the state capital and direct theasset assessment businesses.

(7) Manage the special funds of theautonomous region that support economic development and promote various causes; be responsible for the management of the comprehensive exploitation of agriculture; monitor and implement the General Rules of the Enterprises' Financial Affairs and monitorand manage the financial work of local financial institutions.

(8) Manage social security expenditure; draw up the financial management methods of social security funds; organize and implementfinancial monitoring of the utilization of the social security funds.

(9) Draw up and implement the regulations and management methods of the state and the autonomous region on domestic debt management guidelines and policies; be responsible for loans from foreign governments, the comprehensive management of the internationalfinancial organization loans,loans from the International Fund for Agricultural Development,and loans from Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

(10) Manage the accounting work of the autonomous region, organize and carry out the accounting laws, regulations and rules and implement accounting supervision and accounting appointment system by law; direct and monitor the businesses of the certificated public accountant associations and accounting offices; direct and manage social auditing.

(11) Monitor theimplementation of financial and taxation guidelines and policies; inspect and reflect on important problems in the management of the financial revenue and expenditure; put forward policy proposals for enforcing financial management.

(12) Stipulate scientific research and education plans for finance and taxation; organize training of financial personnel; be responsible for financial information and financial publicity work.

(13) Undertake other works entrusted by the People's Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Finance.


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