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Baynnur City is located to the west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,. The city has the total area of over 64,000 km2.

Hetao Plain (the Great Bend of the Yellow River) has fertile land and the area of farmland reaches 15,900km2, accountingfor 24.2% of the city's total area. Hetao Plain is the major production area for grain and. As a result, the plain is called the "storehouse of grain".

Yinshan Mountain lies across the central and southern areas of Baynnur City. It goes from east to west and covers a total area of 19,100 km2, accounting for 29.1% of the total area of the city. The mineral resources of Baynnur City are scattered around the mountain, where there are considerable reservesof copper, lead and zinc.

Over 20 nationalities including Mongolian, Han,Hui, Man and Daur live in Baynnur City, which has a total population of 1.73 million.

Baynnur City administers Urad Front Banner, Urad Middle Banner, Urad Rear Banner, Hanggin Banner, Wuyuan County, Dengkou County and Linhe Prefecture.


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