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Xilingol League
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


Xilingol League is located in the central area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has the total area of 202,580km2, and administers nine banners, one county, two cities, one development zone and onedemonstration zone. The administrative office of Xilingol League is in Xilinhot city.

Xilingol League is located in the central area of the Inner MongoliaPlateau, which is mainly comprised of plateaus and plains. It belongs to temperate semi-arid and arid continental and seasonalclimate. Xilingol has 1,200 types of wild seed plants and 100 species of animals.

Xilingol Grassland is the main natural pasture in the Inner Mongolia Grassland.

There are 49.145 billion tons of proven coal reserves in Xilingol, andover 30 metal deposits have been found in the league. Chrome reserves in Xilingol League ranks it second place in the country.The alkalireserves of Chagannaoer are 62.382 million tons, the highest in China.

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