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Wednesday Oct.22, 2008 Huhhot Rain
6C /11C
Manzhouli City
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


Locates in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, connects Russia and Mongol in the north, the size is 730 sq. km, with a population of 200,000.  It was approved to be the Open City by the state Council in the year 1992. It is also called  "the Window of Eastern Asia",  it is the transporting hinge of the Asia-Europe landbridge.  Yearly transporting capacity is more than 10 million tons. The international road's  transporting capacity is 1 million tons, passengers more than 1 million person/time. Hulun Lake is the only unpolluted freshwater lake among the four big  freshwater lakes in our country.

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