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Wednesday Oct.22, 2008 Huhhot Rain
6C /11C
Chifeng City
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


 Locates in the meet of the Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Hebei province, total size is more than 90,000sq. km, has a population of 4.53 million, it belongs to the variable zone half aridity monsoon climate. It has a long history, has more than 6,000 sites of  ancient  culture. The Hongshan Culture, Grassland Bronze Utensil Culture Qidan Liao Culture are the important contains of the Chinese civilization history. It has Haolai River that is the narrowest river in the world and the live fossil Dene Spruce. It is rich in the underground mineral resources. The stockbreeding developed. It is the important base for the commodity serials and oil products. There are four stocks issued in the stock exchange market, they are Inner Mongolia Hongfeng, Fulong heat Energy, Grassland Xingfa Ningcheng Laojiao.

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