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Alxa League
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


Alxa League is located at the westernmost end of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It administers Alxa Left Banner, Alxa Right Banner and Ejin Banner, and has a total area of 270,000 km2. Capital of Alxa League is Bayanhaote.

The relief types of the Alxa League include the Gobi Desert, mountainous regions and lake basins. It has a typical continental climate and a lengthy frost-free period. Over 85 kilometers of the Yellow River are within the territory of Alxa League and the annual rate of flow within the league reaches more than30 billion m3. The Ochina River is the only seasonal inland river in Alxa League, with 200 km2 within the territory of the league. The annual rate of flow of the Ochina River is one billion m3. More than 500 lake basins in different shapes are scatteredin the desert, with the total area of more than 11,000 km2. The area of the grassland lake basin is 10,700 km2, which is regarded as a desert oasis and ideal grazing land.

Alxa League boasts abundant mineral resources, with 86 types of mineral resources having been found. The total reserves of salt ponds, such as Jilantai, Yabulai, Haotannaoer and Chaganbulage, are as much as 160 million tons, which play important roles in China's salt industry. Coal reserves total 1.308 billion tons, and it is the most advantageous product. Moreover, Alxa League also has abundant light, heat and wind energy.

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