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Wednesday Oct.22, 2008 Huhhot Rain
6C /11C
Hulunbeir City
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


Locates in the north to Xing'an League, and the west to the Heilong Jiang Province, and we can see the Russia across the E'erguna River in the north and northwest direction, also has the borderline with Mongol in the west and southwest. The total size is 253,000 sp km, with the population of 2,649,000.  It has a border line of 1,723.82km. The transportation and the post business developed very fast, and already formed a solid network of the railway, road, and aviation. The port cities Manzhouli and Heishantou works as the important door to Russia and Mongol. It is rich of the natural grassland, forest resource, water resource and wild plant and animal resources. Livestock raising and the green food processing are its' traditional superiority industry, and the backbone industries are the forestry, coal, electricity, dairy products, alcohol producing and the construction materials.

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