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Ulaan Chab
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 11:37


Ulaan Chab City is located in the central area of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has a total area of 55,370 km2 and administers two cities, four bannersand five counties. It has a total of 215 townships and towns (sumu). The administrative office of Ulaan Chab City is in JiningCity.

Ulaan Chab mainly consists of undulating hills, and has a continental and seasonable climate. Three major water systems, namely the Yellow River,Yongding River, and the Inland River, are located within the territory of Ulaan Chab City. It has 17 main rivers. The YellowRiver that passes through Qinshuihe County is over 63 km long, and the drainage area is bout 13,996 km2.

Ulaan Chab has rich natural resources. There are 69 types of proven resources. Its graphite reservesare the large amount and of the highest quality. Therefore, Ulaan Chab is one the three largest graphite production bases in China. Marble in the city has myriad varieties, high quality and many colors. The city also has many wild plants and animals.Thegazelle, a State-protected animal, is famous for its large number and wide scope. The main wild plants include over 500 types of forage grasses and economic plants, of which 120 are use in traditional Chinese medicine. Astragalus and liquorice are famous both at home and and abroad for their high quality. In addition, Ulaan Chab is one of China's main production bases of dried sea moss.

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