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Wednesday Oct.22, 2008 Huhhot Rain
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Updated 2008/9/28

Goes to mysterious Aer Mountain
  2008-10-14 15:15

Tianchi in Aer Mountain

"Aer Mountain" means "hot magic spring". It is known all over the world with its 48-mouthed mineral springgroup. It not only enjoys great fames among the 500 geothermic mineral spring groups already developed in our country, but also famous in the world. It is the second largest mineral spring group following Yugoslavia.

According to the historical materials, Aer Mountain Mineral Spring Group was founded during the reign of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty. There was also a beautiful legend: the arrow of an old hunter named Bateer injured a spotted deer. It ran to a spring and treated its injuries with spring water. When the hunter arrived, the spotted deer ran as if it had never been injured and could not be found. The old hunter felt very astonished and tried to swab his leg with the spring water. Surprisingly, the rheumatism that had troubled him for many years was cured. The stories spread all over the Greater Hinggan Mountain. People came to the spring by horse or carriage to bathe and cure their diseases.

There is another beautiful story concerning Tianshan Pool. In ancient times, there was an agile and brave Mongolian hunter named Angezheng, who often shared his quarries with other people. Therefore, residents in the mountain loved him. Once, he killed a ferocious wolf bravely and saved a beautiful white fairy. In return for this, the fairy gave Angezheng an arrow. He thenbecame an even more famous archer. A noble heard about Angezheng's special skills and forced him to hand in various quarries. Otherwise, the noble would cut off Angezheng's head. Angezheng handed in the quarries in line with the noble's requirements. The cruel noble asked Angezheng to hand in his magic arrow, which Angezheng firmly to do. The noble then bound Angezheng when he was asleep. He took away his magic arrow and pushed him down from Tianchi Mountain to kill him. After getting the magic arrow, the noble was very happy and went to Tianchi Mountain to hunt with his servants. Suddenly, a snowy rabbit came out from the deep forest. The noble fired at the rabbit. However, the rabbit didn't die and jumped into the forest with the magic arrow. The noble felt very confused and pursued the rabbit with his servant. They ran to the peak of the Tianchi Mountain and, unable to stop, jumped into the valley. Suddenly, a loud noise was heard and the earth cracked. Little by little, a large pool came into being. The rabbit came out from the thick forest and changed into a white fairy. She made Angezheng come back to life and the magic arrow was returned to him.

There is a Fairy Cave 124 kilometers southeast of A'er Mountain. Moving ahead along the foot of the Fairy Cave, two stones can be seen on both sides of the mountain. One is called Qilin Peak and the other is called Hunter Peak. It is said that long time ago, a Mongolian hunter named Angezheng saved a white fairy from the mouth of a ferocious wolf at Tianchi. The fairy was moved by the youth's bravery and feelings, and wanted to marry with him and lived forever. However, the imperious Mother of the Western Heavens got to know about the news and became very angry. She went to the human world to punish them. Angezheng and the white fairy escaped to the place. However, the Mother of the Western Heavens had powerful magic skills. She drew a line randomly and formed the deep Tianhe Valley, separating the lovers. The white fairy found that she was unable to stay with Angezheng and crashed against large stone and died. She turned into Qilin Peak and saw her lover at the other side of the Tianhe Valley all the time. Angezheng was too heart-broken to even cry. He overlooked his lover at the other side of the valley all year long and changed into Hunter Peak.

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