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Updated 2008/9/28

Legendary of the magic Bailing Lake
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 15:24
Bailing Lake is located within the territory of Tumujisumu of Jalaid Banner of Xing'an League. There is a magic story concerning the origins of Bailing Lake.

In the past, Genghis Khan led his army to the lake. His soldiers felt very tired. One day, when climbing Hada Mountain, all soldierswere soaked with sweat, their mouths were parched and their tongues scorched. The army wanted to drink some water in the shadyand cool place and have a rest before moving on. However, there were no homes or water in the desolate mountain. Where could they find some water to drink? At that moment, Genghis Khan's horse whinnied suddenly and stopped. The steed opened its two eyesand dug the land with its front legs and stirred the soil with its front legs.Later, a small lake appeared under the horse's hoofand a spring rushed out. The soldiers joyously drank the water.

Thereafter, there was a lake in the place and the water source was flourishing. Later, people called it "Hoof Lake".

In 1996, the government of Zha Laite Banner made an investment to develop the tourism industry, and built a Bailing Lake Nationality Holiday Village based on the original Hoof Lake. Bailing Lake is situated behind Hada Mountain in the east and has the Wanghu Pavilion, on-water Restaurant, Mongolian tent and hippodrome at the foot of the mountain. There are areas for swimming, yachting and fishing on the lake. When climbing the Hada Mountain and looking into the distance, wide grassland, mattress-like grass, beautiful flowers and groups of flocks and herds can be seen in the east; 10,000 hectares of green and flashing waves can be seen in the west, where ships and vessels travel frequently. These are the reason why it was called the "Bright Pearl in the Grassland".

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