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Updated 2008/9/28

Dinosaur cemetery
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-14 16:57

It is located in Erlianyanchi area 9 kilometers from the downtown area. Erlian area is one of the firsts place in China and Asia that dinosaur fossils and dinosaur eggs were found. It is dubbed the "hometown" of the dinosaur. As early as 70million years ago, here,with its many lakes, humid climate and luxuriant jungles, it was a paradise for dinosaurs.

Over 100 years, beginning from the 1890s, paleontologists and geologists from Russia, the U.S, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Japan, Germany, Mongolia and China have conducted 7 investigations and excavations here, finding over l0 kinds of Euhelopodinae,Alectrosaurus olseni, Cope, Archaeornithomimus asiatiicus, Ankylosaurus and Ceratopsia fossil and unearthing a large number ofcomparably complete fossilized dinosaur skeletons. The first dinosaur eggs to be found in China were excavated here.

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