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Updated 2008/9/28

Qin Road Shoots in Ordos
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-15 17:05

The set of Qin Road

Qin Road (Qin Zhi Dao), one of the largest TV series of this year, with an investment of more than30million yuan, started shooting in city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia on Wednesday.

The 35-episode TV series, from the specific perspective of repairing roads, portray how Emperor Qin Shihuang (259-210 B.C.) managed the country after its unification and how people from every ethnic group fought against the adverse environment.



Actor Kou Shixun to play Emperor Qin Shihuang

Famous director Chen Jialin and Xiao Feng join hands again with scriptwriter Lin Haiou in creating this epic work. The cast for the renowned TV series, Wang Zhaojun, is participating in the production.

Actors Kou Shixun, Wu Jin'an and actress Cong Shan star in the new TV series, which is expected to finish by the end of 2007 and be released around the time for Beijing Olympics.


Actress Cong Shan to play a concubine of Emperor Qin

Qin Road, one of the major routes in ancient China, is called "the earliest freeway inhuman history" with a length of over 700 kilometers.

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