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Conquering sounds of old
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 08:55

While Beijing's buzzing rock scene is awash with radical haircuts and rebellion, one young group has instead sought the sound of old.

The five members of Hanggai channel the rich history of the Mongolians, known as fearless warriors of past, and for their incomparable singing skills.

The band, comprising three musicians from Inner Mongolia, aim to recover the nation's ancient glory, even dressing in traditional Mongolian costume for performances.

Hanggei play Mongol instruments, including the Tu-Pu-Shuo-Er, a kind of old plucked instrument in Mongolia). They sing folk songs, trying to transport audiences back to the original place of the music they make.

Baiyin and Xijir are masters of the most renowned Mongol instrument, the Igil, as well as guitar and bass. Drummer Chen Kun and guitarist Xu Jingchen are both Han, but they are also Mongolian Tobshuur and percussion experts.

The band tries to rediscover the real essence of Mongol music and how it can survive in the modern world. They've traveled to Inner Mongolia to look for answers. Standing on the grasslands and living with locals, they find inspiration and discover "Khoomii", an ancient Mongolian throat singing technique more than 2,300 years old. Ancient Mongolians made music by sending out two or even three tones from their throats at the same time.

Hanggai's original folk songs have proved popular among fans, but they want to achieve more. They hope to combine modern music with traditional in a form of world music written by themselves.

The members of Hanggai say that even though they live in a big city, their hearts always belong on the grasslands. They're hoping their music will touch the hearts of listeners, like the culture, beauty and history of Mongolia has touched them.

Hanggai will perform on 8:30pm. May 24 at Star Live. 3rd Fl of Candy Club, No. 79 Hepingli West Street, to the north of Lama Temple Bridge. 6425-5166/6426-4436

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