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Mongolian Ping Pong
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 08:55

Directed by Ning Hao, starring Dawa, Huricha Bilike.

This Chinese version of The Gods Must be Crazy is a very slow-paced affair, however the interesting storyline and the beautiful photography hints to the director's budding genius.

Ning Hao's next film was the smash-hit The Crazy Stone (2005), which made him a star.

Mongolian Ping Pong begins with a table tennis ball floating downstream through the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia and it becomes the source of curiosity for three children. They set out on horseback to return to the wise talisman and on the way, must conquer their own fears.

The movie appears more like a slow-paced documentary than fictional tale. Even the most patient viewer may struggle to maintain focus during the 100-minute film.

During the film's production a member of the crew searched the grasslands to find a suitable tent. Budgetary problems kept the director behind schedule and Ning totally forgot about his scout, who relied on instant noodles and a kind herder for a week. If Ning, 30, included this off-screen drama, his flick may have been more interesting.

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