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Sacred spring in grassland
Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 09:16

Traveling for 70 kilmeters to the north from Xilin Hot City in Xilingol League, there is a famous Grassland Sacred Spring-- Arxan.

A'ersha is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred spring. Water runs out from the spring all year round. Drinking the spring water or bathing in it can cure diseases,such as intestinal tract disease, skin disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The spring water of the "Sacred Spring" was cool and delicious and had beer-like taste. It is strangethat if the spring water was taken to other places, the beer taste would disappear. People called it "Beer Spring".

The origin of the "Sacred Spring" camefrom a heart-breaking and beautiful tale.

Long time ago, many people in anoldtribe in the Inner Mongolia suddenly caught an incurable disease. People were forced to leavetheir homes and seek doctorsto cure the disease. They asked for many doctors but none of them were able to treat the disease.People despaired when they suddenly saw that a clear spring appear in the grassland. People, who had traveled from many days andwere hungry and thirsty, stroveto drink the spring water. Some of them even sprinkled the spring water on themselves. Miraclestook place. The incurablediseasewas cured without any medicine. People believed that it was god who saved them. Therefore, in line with their customs,they litcountless fires at night and sang and danced to their heart's content.

Aftermodern chemical analysis, it was proven that the reason the Sacred Spring could cure diseases and give people a lift wasthat the spring water contained iron, niobium and other minerals that benefit people's health. In addition, the spring water also contained plenty of elements and chemicals. It was clear, scentless and had a beer-like taste. But, it can only be drunkat theplace. Shortly after the spring water is put into a container, the special cool taste will disappear. Technological problemsregarding the transportation of the spring water have yet to be solved.

XilinHotCity surrounded the 1000-mu grassland around the spring water with defenses to prevent the spring water from being polluted. Theplace has become a newly developed tourism development area that combines the functions of medical treatment, health-care and tourism in Xilin Hot city.

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