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Wang Zhaojun

Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 17:02

Wang Zhaojun, styled Qiang, was selected into the court in the reign of the Yuan Emperor in the Western Han Dynasty. She volunteered to be a peace envoy through her marriage to Huhanye Chanyu (king of the Xiongnu in ancient China) and became Ninghu Yanshi (Yanshi, the legal wife of Xiongnu's King). Wang made contributions to further develop and strengthen friendly ties between the Han and Xiongnu. She was favoured by various nations and her name will be remembered forever. Therefore, Zhaojun Coming out of the North Frontier has become a story of national unity and the common development of various nations. It is said that when Zhaojun died, farmers and herdsmen from the pass and beyond attended her funeral. They carried earth with their clothes and thus built the tomb of Zhaojun.

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