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Bicycle event to follow Genghis Kahn footsteps

Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 17:02

An international bicycle tournament will be held on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday.

The race, covering 140 km over three days, will cross the vast and desolate grasslands of Inner Mongolia, tracing the footprints of Genghis Khan, the head of the biggest empire in the history of the world.

The demanding route could be a severe test for the participants but also a wonderful experience as riders will experience all aspects of nomadic life and stay overnight in traditional Mongolian tents.

The first stage on Friday will go from Na Damu to Menggu Hancheng (50 km). The second stage on Saturday will start from Menggu Hancheng and arrive in a local Horde, a tent camp out in the middle of nowhere. On Sunday participants will leave the tent camp and race back to the final finish in Na Damu.

Close ]   source: Inner Mongolia News   editor: 于海娟
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