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Picture of Hunting

Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-16 17:02

(Neolithic Age, chiseled on rock cliff, 104 cm in length, 46 cm in width)

Dozens of rock paintings can be vaguely distinguished on a giant rock thirty kilometers southwest of Aogen Sumu, Urad Mid Banner, Bayannur League of Inner Mongolia. Picture of Hunting is one of them, drawn on the sidefacing upward. A number of hunters are depicted in the picture, some drawing bows, some running and yelling, and some stretching their arms to catch their prey. The elks surrounded by the hunters seem so frightened that they do not know where to escape.The blue sheep, goats and young deer in the picture are greatly terrified and trying to flee in all directions. The scene of hunting is reproduced with extreme liveliness. A young deer bending down and trying to flee is particularly vivid-though onlytheoutline is drawn, the yelling of the deer is almost audible. Scenes of hunting are frequently found in primitive rock paintings, which, as we assume, could probably serve as magic incantations expecting gains from hunting. The painting is unsophisticatedin composition while rich in lasting appeal. Small dots densely chiseled with blunt tools on a darkish purple cliff constitutethe whole painting. With the passage of time, the painting has turned dark brown and appears more mysterious with its primitivesimplicity.

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