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Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-17 11:06

Camels, dubbed "ships of the desert", occupy a special position in the economic life and military activity of the ancient Mongolians. The camel is regarded as the "king of the animals".

Domesticated camels are often used for racing. At holidays and festivals, herdsmen from the grasslands and Gobi Desert will organize camel races, a traditional sports event. Having a big and tall body, camels can run more than 100 li in a day. When it gallops, the speed is almost thesame as a courser, what's more, it is more resistive than coursers. Racing camels are often domesticated ones that have been trained. The racing distance is between 5-40 km. The first to finish is the winner.

Targets are also fired at during the course of the race, with the winnerhitting the largest amount. Any age or sexcan take part.

In recent years, camel races have been standardized according to the methods and means of modern sports competitions. Field contests, team contests and relay races are increasingly popular. In the National Ethnic Games in 1985, the camel race was included in the official competition event of the "Nadamu" National Ethnic Games.

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