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Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-17 11:06

Horse racing is one of the three major competition activities of the Mongolian people.

The Mongolians regard horses as their close friends. On festivals and holidays, the herdsmen will host horse races. The distance can be up to dozens of kilometres. The contest can be divided into walking races and running races. The walking race is a competition of speed, steadiness and beauty. The running race is a competition of speed and resistance. The rectilinear distance for running on the grass is 20 to 30 km, the champion and runner-up will be determined without regard for their age. Beforethe race, the riders will select their horses and invite experience persons to train them.

The competing horses and riders will be dressed up. All competitors will wear beautifully clothes and riding boots, with color bands tied on their heads. When the contest starts, all the contestants will whip their horse. The riders that win the championship will be awarded big prizes. The horse will have a red ribbon hung on it, considered a major honor.

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