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Inner Mongolia News  2008-10-17 11:06

Wrestling is a sports event widely loved by men. Normally, there are 256 wrestlers participating in the banner-class wrestling contests and the wrestling attire is the strong processed cowskin vest, Mongolian boots, broad-crotch trousers and leggings with auspicious cloud patterns. In addition, the wrestlers need also to wear a colorful belt and a necklace.

Before the contest, the wrestlers must line up in two rows, the commander and four singers dispatched by various sides will sing loudly, when the song is sung for the third time, thewrestlers enter the field. Then, the presenter will declare the nameand hometown of the wrestlers. The wrestlers then bow before the contest stage and turn right aroundthe field and startto compete.

The champion of the banner-class Nadamu is given the "Double Nine Awards". Wrestler who have won championships inseveral contests of the banner will be given the title of "master sportsman" and become an honorary wrestler.

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