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Updated 2008/9/28

"Aer Mountain" means "hot magic spring". It is known all over the world with its 48-mouthed mineral spring group. It not only enjoys great fames among the 500 geothermic mineral spring groups already developed in our country, but also famous in the world.

It is also called dip-boil mutton. The dish dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. The dish dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. The mutton is fresh, tasty and not greasy or smelly.

The fresh fish and shrimps raised in the lake can be made into more than 120 dishes-an all-fish banquet. Fish dishes are not only nutritious, but also tasty and delicious.

The snuff bottle is one of the main ethnic handicrafts of Inner Mongolia.

The Mongolian nationality was famous for its silverware even before Yuan Dynasty.
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